Virtual Mobile Numbers

Shared, dedicated, callable, and gold numbers
Virtual Mobile Numbers

Choose the right virtual mobile number

Each virtual number has a very distinctive purpose, and it’s important to know the pros and cons of each. There are two main categories of virtual numbers: shared and dedicated. Once you have secured an SMS rate, shared numbers are free to use, while dedicated numbers are at an additional cost.

Dedicated numbers options in Australia include: standard, callable, and gold numbers.

Shared vs Dedicated Virtual Numbers

Compare the pros and cons of each number type

Numbers Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
Sample Format

04xx xxx 123
04xx xxx 456
04xx xxx 789

0467 528 788

02 xxxx xxxx or
04xx xxx xxx

0459 333 444

  • 2FA

  • Verification

  • Confirmations

  • Testing

  • Internal platform alerts or internal comms

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • NTP

  • Recruitment

  • Donations, and any highly competitive industry

Unique campaigns or high volume 2-way SMS, where customers can both call and text

Establishing a highly reputable mobile brand presence and excellent customer service


Free to use

  • Low cost dedicated option

  • Unlimited keywords

  • Receive calls + SMS

  • Forward to any number

  • Landline or mobile

  • Unlimited keywords

  • Large selection of easy to remember numbers

  • Unlimited keywords

  • No number consistency

  • Easily seen as spam

  • High risk of sharing numbers with competitors

  • Limited keywords

  • Low selection of standard dedicated numbers

  • Standard numbers are not as easy to remember when compared to gold or callable numbers

  • High pricing

  • Longer set-up time

  • High pricing

  • Lease rates start at $149/month

Flexible Lease Terms

Flexible Lease Terms

Lease your virtual number for as long as you need it. The shortest commitment is one month and payments are charged month to month. Cancel anytime.

Quick Setup

Quick Setup

The set-up time for dedicated numbers is quick and easy. Simply lease a virtual number online and choose from our available pool of numbers.

Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency

Dedicated numbers help businesses establish a strong mobile presence. Build trust while making the process of connecting with your brand more frictionless.