SMS for Operations

Implement an impactful team communication solution
SMS for Operations

Time is of the essence

The ideal communication solution for a successful operations team must be easy-to-use, quick to implement, affordable throughout an entire product life cycle, and effective. Text messaging checks every box on this extensive list. Set up company-wide team chats, department-level group chats, important alerts, or SMS reminders; or integrate it into your favourite app in less than 10 minutes.

Integrate SMS with your tech stack

Google Sheets
Google Calendar
Job Adder

Improve team communications by creating a Group SMS broadcast. Create department-level groups, and assign an admin. Any member of your group can now broadcast a message to the team. All replies are tracked as one conversation.

SMS Templates for Operations

Automate the most repetitive tasks needed in your day-to-day operations, by implementing these simple messaging solutions.

Hi [Firstname], this is a reminder that you have a meeting today with [Client] at [Business] via [Channel]. Check your email for pitch notes.

[IMPORTANT] Your meeting with [Business] has been cancelled, please call [Client] to reschedule. They recommended [Date].

Helpful Resources

Applying SMS to your daily operations is simple. In addition to our quick-start guide, we created a series of templates which you can use for inspiration.

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