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SMS for Business Operations

Set up SMS reminders, company-wide group SMS chats, safety alerts and notifications, provide customer service, and automated texting to improve your workflow and company efficiency.
SMS for Business Operations

Part of building efficient business operations requires a tool to be easy-to-use, quick to implement, and affordable throughout its entire life cycle. Text messaging checks every box on this list.

Reminder - Hi [FirstName], this is a reminder that your monthly bill is due. Please log into [Website] to top up your account.
Thanks! I'll pay that now.

SMS for Reminders

People always have their mobile phones nearby, making text messaging reminders effective and often expected for appointments, reservations, and bills.

SMS text reminders can gently nudge customers for any upcoming or overdue payments. Schedule them on your own, or set them up once with SMS automation to avoid having to make uncomfortable emails and calls.
Missed appointments cost businesses and organisations billions per year. Use SMS appointment reminders to help prevent no-shows and boost your productivity and bottom line.
Confirm your reservations with an automated texting service and let your customers reply directly from their phones to confirm, modify, or cancel their reservation, so you never leave a table or room empty again.
Hi [FirstName], thanks for reaching out. We've received your request and are working on it now.
Perfect, we'd like this issue settled asap.

SMS for Customer Experience

Start answering customer enquiries more efficiently by adding SMS for customer support into the mix.

Texting gives your customers the convenience of asking quick questions on the go without needing a desktop. Use our direct Zendesk SMS integration, a custom integration, or our email to SMS feature to conveniently answer enquiries.
Whether you have crowded queues or people in line for their orders, SMS can come in handy. When a customer orders or if their table is ready, let them know with an SMS alert.
Build better relationships with your customers by asking for feedback about your product, customer service, or brand. If you’re asking for a review – include a link to make it easy.
Hi [Name], it’s Tom from [BusinessName]. Revisit your cart at [Link] and get 15% off [ProductName] with code CART15. Valid for 24 hours.

E-commerce SMS marketing

Improve your e-commerce business with text messaging. Directly reach your customers on their phones with promotions, retargeting, order notifications, and more.

Cart abandonment rates can be high, but they are not a completely lost cause. SMS marketing campaigns can turn things around and encourage busy shoppers to check out. Sweeten the deal with a small discount or shipping offer.
Integrate an automated SMS software with your e-commerce platform to send order, shipment, and delivery notifications. If necessary, include a link to track their order.
Birthdays reminders and anniversary messages are a reason to reach out and celebrate with your customers. Add a gift to incentivise action.
Your login code is: 12345. Please use this code to log in within the next 20 minutes. After 20 minutes this code will expire.

SMS Verifications to
secure your business

Everyone has their phone within arms reach, making SMS 2 factor security a powerful and foolproof tool for businesses and customers. SMS verifications are not just important for businesses with sensitive data, but they also play a critical part in lowering harmful accounts.

2 Factor SMS security is more secure than Email 2FA, simply because an email address is not tied to a unique mobile phone. A compromised email password can make it possible to compromise a large number of accounts. 2FA SMS is a safer and more popular solution because it’s easy to implement and affordable.
When it comes to money or privacy, people take security very seriously. With the immediacy of SMS, you can notify clients immediately to verify login attempts, account changes, and more.
Credit card, money, and identity fraud cases are becoming more and more common. Protect your business and customer accounts by adding SMS two factor verifications into your security process.
Emergency alert. There is a flood warning in the west coastal regions in effect from 3pm - 11pm. Please take appropriate precautions.
Thanks! Our email is down so this is really appreciated.

Using SMS for
Emergency Alerts

Statistics prove that SMS has an average 98% open rate. More importantly, most recipients open an SMS in less than 3 minutes, making it a very effective tool for alert messaging.

If you’re in an emergency situation or want to make an immediate impact, sending an emergency SMS is one of your best and most cost-effective options. Text messages also don’t need an internet connection, which is usually the first to go in a state of emergency.
Help keep business operations running smoothly to help prevent loss in revenue. Use text messages to reach your team quickly.
Keep your customers in the loop by providing SMS alerts for their favourite stocks, currencies, and exchanges when they hit a set price.
Hi [FirstName], The company lunch meeting on the 3rd floor has been moved to floor 5. Text Confirm to let us know you'll still make it.

Group SMS for Staff Communications

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness with your team using group SMS chats.

You can also use SMS to manage your team’s shifts by integrating it into your existing time management system. Use SMS Keywords and 2 Way SMS to automate shift fulfilment.
An open line of communication should always be available. Since the roots of text messaging are from casual communications, this takes the intimidation factor away, and gives members a way to contribute and share essential updates without overthinking it.
Text messages are reliable for people on the run, since it doesn’t rely on a data connection. This is perfect for communicating with your outbound sales team, or while trying to contact your on-site construction manager in remote areas.

Why Burst SMS for
Business Operations

100% SMS Delivery to Carrier Guarantee icon
100% SMS Delivery to Carrier Guarantee
All messages are sent through direct ON-NET connections to Telstra, Optus, Virgin Mobile, and Vodafone
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Virtual Mobile Numbers
Get access to high-quality bulk SMS numbers to maintain brand consistency and recognition
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Enterprise Security
We are Australia’s first bulk messaging provider to be ISO 27001 certified and offer full Australian Data Sovereignty
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From our flexible SMS API and integrations to email to SMS and quick SMS, see why 35,000+ businesses choose burst for SMS advertising
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Our bulk SMS service is prepaid. No need to worry about monthly contracts or commitments
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24/7 x 365 Support
Get world-class support around the clock. Our team of messaging experts are here to help.

Helpful Resources

Applying SMS to your daily operations is simple. In addition to our quick-start guide, we created a series of templates which you can use for inspiration.

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