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SMS for 2FA Security

SMS Two Factor Authentication (Dual Factor Authentication) is a verification process for securing account logins for websites, software, and applications.
SMS for 2FA Security

Many consumers use the same passwords across many different websites and apps. With data hacks and leaks being a common occurrence, consumers still expect businesses to be the ones protecting their data.

Protect your customers with SMS Security

When trying to access their account, the user is sent a text message to their phone with a unique number. The user can then verify their login attempt with this number in a process called SMS Two Factor Authentication (SMS 2FA).

SMS 2FA icon
2 Factor SMS security is more secure than Email 2FA simply because SMS links with a unique mobile phone, which is much more difficult to compromise.
SMS OTP icon
SMS one time passwords offer customers a safe way to access their accounts, especially when they forget their passwords. After their first use, these passwords can’t be reused or stolen by a third party.
Fraud & Spam Pr icon
Fraud & Spam Prevention
Credit card, transaction, and identity fraud cases are becoming more common. Protect your business and customer accounts by adding SMS verifications into your security process.

SMS Security Use Cases

Unauthorised access not only inconveniences your customer, but can lead to revenue losses for your business. By adding an extra layer of security with SMS 2FA, SMS OTP, and SMS verifications, you can show your customers that you have their best interests at heart.

Prevent credit
card fraud
Hi [First Name] We have detected some unusual activity on your credit card ending in 1234. Please call the number on the back of the card for more information
Fraud alert: Our system has flagged a purchase as possible fraud. If this activity was you please call the number on the back of your card ending in 1234
Reduce spam
Thanks for signing up! We’re happy to have you join the [app name] team! Your verification code is: 12345678
Welcome to [website]!
Please use this one time code to verify your account with us: 12345678
Welcome to the [website] team! Since it’s your first time we’d like you to log in to your account at [url] and enter this one time verification code: 12345
This message is to confirm your purchase on [website]. If this was not you please call [phone number] to speak with a representative.
Link a mobile
number to an account
Your [website] verification code is 12345
Please enter this one time code at [url] to confirm your number.
Thanks for signing up! Enter code 12345 at [url] to confirm your number!
Verify website
and app logins
We have detected unusual activity on your account. Please verify this was you by visiting [url] and entering code: 12345
Device login detected!
Our system shows a login attempt using your password from a new device. Log into [url] and enter code: 12345 to confirm it was you.
Confirm purchases,
bookings, and reservations
This message is to confirm your reservation at [restaurant name] for [time and date]. If you need any further assistance please call [phone number]
The [hotel name] is happy to have you. Your check in time is on [date] before 11am. If have any questions please call us at [phone number]

Why Burst SMS for
2FA Security

100% SMS Delivery to Carrier Guarantee icon
100% SMS Delivery to Carrier Guarantee
All messages are sent through direct ON-NET connections to Telstra, Optus, Virgin Mobile, and Vodafone
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Virtual Mobile Numbers
Get access to high-quality bulk SMS numbers to maintain brand consistency and recognition
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Enterprise Security
We are Australia’s first bulk messaging provider to be ISO 27001 certified and offer full Australian Data Sovereignty
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From our flexible SMS API and integrations to email to SMS and quick SMS, see why 35,000+ businesses choose burst for SMS advertising
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No Contract
Our bulk SMS service is prepaid. No need to worry about monthly contracts or commitments
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24/7 x 365 Support
Get world-class support around the clock. Our team of messaging experts are here to help.

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