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SMS for Technology & SAAS

Treat SMS as your sandbox for crafting the perfect comms
SMS for Technology & SAAS

SMS is designed to be integrated into your app

Whether you’re looking for a custom integration through our powerful REST SMS API, direct integrations, or codeless integrations via Zapier, we’ll have a solution for your SAAS product. In addition to our expanded set of integrations, all our services are designed to be developer-friendly. Fast implementation times, easy set-up, enterprise performance, and a 100% messaging guarantee is at the core of everything we offer.

Integrate SMS into your tech stack

Google Sheets
Google Calendar

SMS Templates

[Business] - Low balance warning

Your account currently only has [CreditBalance]. Please top-up here to avoid any service disruptions: [Website]

Opt out reply STOP

[Business] Trial expiry reminder

Your trial expires tomorrow. Secure 20% off our monthly rates by topping up today: [Website]

Opt out reply STOP

Helpful Resources

Text messages are simple in theory, but the use cases for how it can help your SAAS product are endless and intricate. Start with the basics in application alerts, 2FA, security alerts, and general SMS marketing to help boost your bottom line.

Maximise your
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rates with SMS

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