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SMS Reminders

An SMS appointment reminder system helps you to set text reminders hours or days in advance, gently nudging your customers in the right direction. With a 98% open rate, customers appreciate text reminders for appointments, as they can quickly confirm, cancel, or reschedule if necessary.
SMS Reminders

With the number of distractions in today's age, it is easy for customers to forget about their appointments. Missed appointments lead to a loss of productivity and revenue, and it can be frustrating for you and your customers. SMS reminders help solve that problem.

Hi [FirstName], this is a reminder that you should stop eating and drinking liquids now. Your bladder needs to be empty before your ultrasound at 4pm.
That’s amazing! I’ll get started on that right away.

The Value of SMS Reminder Messaging

SMS reminders are a cost-efficient, reliable way to ensure your communications get read. For only a few cents per message, you can make use of an automated system with high deliverability and read rates. Your clients and customers can be easily kept informed about order deliveries, appointments, reservations, and more.
With SMS, you have a low-pressure means of communication that doesn't require an immediate response like a phone call, and it has a much higher open rate than email. With 90% of SMS messages read three minutes after being sent, they are the best way to deliver reminders.
Automating SMS reminder messages is easy with our online SMS service. Use one of our existing direct or Zapier SMS integrations to connect Burst SMS with your other apps. Or, build your own with our flexible SMS API. Set up your automated reminder messages once and let our SMS software do the rest.

SMS Reminders
Use Cases

Reaching out to thousands of contacts can be time-consuming with traditional practices. Calls may go unanswered, and your emails may be left unread. But messaging is a powerful tool that cuts through the noise.

Since mobile phones are almost always within an arm's length away, text messaging reminders are invaluable for appointments, reservations, and more.

Healthcare clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare practitioners can use an SMS reminder system to help prevent no-shows, improve organisational efficiency, and safeguard revenue.
Hi [first name], we want to remind you of your consultation with [Dr] on [date and time].
Call us if this time is no longer convenient and if not we’ll see you then!
Follow-ups & Prescriptions
Extend care by sending SMS patient reminders to encourage clients to book their follow-up appointments or to refill their prescriptions.
Hi [first name], we noticed your prescription is due to be renewed on [date].
If you’d like to refill your prescription please let us know by responding to this text.
Never leave a table or room vacant again. Confirm your reservations seamlessly with an automated texting service, enabling customers to confirm or cancel their reservations ahead of time.
Hi [first name], this message is to confirm your reservation with [hotel name]. We have you booked for a room on [date] with the check in time at [time].
Billing & Collections
A friendly payment reminder SMS can gently remind customers of any upcoming or overdue payments.
Hi [first name], your payment of [amount] is due on [date].
Respond YES to top up your account or log in at [website] before [date] to ensure your service continues.
Events & Entertainment
Whether you host an online webinar or an in-person event, reminding your audience to attend can increase customer engagement and improve your bottom line.
Event reminder! Our webinar [webinar name] starts [date and time]! See you then! [link]
Flight & Travel
Send flight timing and hotel check-in and check-out reminders. Take the opportunity to send SMS feedback reminders after check out to see how to improve your customer satisfaction.
Your flight from [airport name and city] to [airport name and city] leaves on [date and time].
Please check in at least 1 hour in advance and visit [website] for updates on any delays.

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