SMS for Health and Wellness

SMS telehealth messaging is the application of two way text messaging to any healthcare related business or hospital. The convenience of telehealth for both practitioners and patients is undeniable. Text messaging is the preferred means of communication for many patients, as it’s the least intimidating and least intrusive communication option for less time-sensitive enquiries.
SMS for Health and Wellness

Using text messaging for telehealth messaging is easy. Upload your list, draft your message on our secure SMS platform, and click send. You can also send and receive text messages via email with our Email to SMS feature. To automate your SMS communications, consider integrating SMS directly into your app.

Hi [FirstName], your [AppointmentType] with us is on [Date] at [Time]. Please remember to fast at least 12 hours before your appointment. Please reply if you have any questions.
Thanks for the reminder!

SMS Appointment Reminders

Missed appointments cause healthcare practices a loss in revenue. SMS reminders help alleviate this problem.

Remind patients of upcoming appointments

When a patient misses an appointment, it can cause problems for your staff’s schedules. With an open rate of 98%, an SMS reminder system helps reduce no-shows and provides your patients with the opportunity to cancel or reschedule by texting you back from their phones.

Prescriptions and booking appointments

Send reminders via text to your patients about upcoming prescription renewals, appointment bookings for vaccinations, or any other procedure.

Hi [Name], this is [Health Professional] from [Medical Office]. We wanted to follow up and see how you’re feeling after [Procedure]. Please reply to this text or call us at [Number] if you have any questions or need assistance. We’re available between [Time Slots].
I’m feeling fine right now. Thank you for checking in on me!

Secure 2-Way Messaging

Communicate with clients from a secure two way SMS channel. Burst SMS is a ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant text messaging service.

Directly answering simple questions

2 Way SMS can be used as a line of communication between nurses and patients to resolve simple health questions via text. This will help to clear up any backlogs in your clinic and provide peace of mind for your patients.

Personalised check-in after a procedure

Checking in with patients after they have had a procedure done is a great way of demonstrating your ongoing commitment to their wellbeing. Text messages can be used to send these gentle check-ins to make your patients feel cared for, which improves their trust with your clinic.

Feeling 😐? We have a few last-minute Swedish massage specials available. Reserve a spot by calling [Phone Number]

SMS Alerts & Notifications

Notifying patients of test results

SMS health alerts are a great way to send routine test results to patients as it saves time and eliminates the need for a follow-up appointment. SMS can also be used as part of the two-factor authentication (2FA) process, enabling patients to easily access their results online.

Promoting products and services
SMS marketing is a great way to promote products, services, or deals. For a massage therapist, this may mean making your clients aware of your winter Swedish massage special, while naturopaths can use SMS to promote new supplements.

Telehealth Use Cases

Confirm appointments, send reminders, monitor patients, conduct wellness checks, or engage in 2-way health enquiries with SMS.

Medical Reminder
Hi [FirstName], this is a reminder that you should be taking your daily dose of [Medicine] now.
Hi [FirstName], this is a reminder that you should stop eating and drinking liquids now. Your bladder needs to be empty before your ultrasound at 4pm.
Progress Check
Hi [FirstName] this is [Doctor], how is your knee feeling today? Please reply with a number from 1-5. (1= Bad, 5= Great).
Let’s diagnose this further on a call. Please book in a time here: [Website]
Post Check-up
Hi [FirstName], how are you feeling after your appointment with [Doctor] last week? Are you feeling better or worse?
That’s good to hear. In that case, please follow [Doctor]’s 1 month plan towards being pain free: [Website].
Appointment Reminder
Hi [FirstName], this is a reminder that you have an appointment tomorrow with [Doctor] at [Time]. Reply [Keyword] to confirm.
[Keyword]: Thanks for confirming. Please complete this form before your appointment: [Website]

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