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Integrate SMS into your new or existing app with this Bulk SMS API

Get started with a few lines of code

Add bulk SMS functionality into your application. Try one of the code snippets below, or view our SMS API Documentation for more HTTP callbacks.
  • Send SMS
  • Get SMS Responses
  • Get SMS Stats
  • Format Number
  • Lease Number
  • Optout List Number
  • Add List
  • Remove List
Send SMS
curl https://api.transmitsms.com/send-sms.json \
  -u [API Key]:[API Secret] \
  -d message='[Insert Message]' \
  -d to=[Phone Number 1],[Phone Number 2],[Phone Number 3]

Client Libraries

Send, receive, and retrieve SMS data from our fully documented libraries for .NET, C#, PHP, Ruby, and GO.
It takes just a few minutes to get started with our SMS Gateway API. Retrieve your API key, copy a few lines of code, and start sending and receiving text messages within your new or existing applications.

Accessing your API Key and Secret

Test our services by signing up for a trial account to access your API key, and to create an API secret.

Choose your GET or POST callbacks

Add SMS functionality into your service through our well documented parameters.

Send SMS, receive replies, and retrieve data

Deliver text messages through the HTTP callbacks of your choice. Reply to responses, and get campaign reports.

The Burst SMS Difference

Our SMS API is a quick and easy way to add SMS functionality. Create lists, lease numbers, set-up keywords, schedule messages, and more with our enterprise solutions. Receive inbound messages along with delivery level reports (DLR's) with our callbacks.
Fast Deployment

Deploy SMS fast with our quick start API docs. Perfect for developers new to SMS, or for advanced users looking for extensive features.

HTTP Callbacks

Trigger alerts for an SMS delivery or incoming messages with HTTP callbacks. These URLs will be notified immediately after an event occurs.

Delivery Level Reports

Generate delivery level reports with a single send-sms call. Your DLR callback is the default URL we post incoming DLR’s to.

Throttle Limits

We limit the number of SMS API calls which can be made by each account to 2 calls per sec. For heavy users we can increase your throttling speed.

Client Libraries

Our API is fully documented, and has libraries readily available for .NET, C#, PHP, Ruby, and GO.

Over 3,000 Integrations Available

Integrate this leading SMS solution with your existing software for improved user communication. Pairing with platforms such as Shopify, Facebook, Salesforce and more is easy to set up and even easier to use.
Over 3,000 Integrations Available Over 3,000 Integrations Available

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See how easy it is to implement SMS into your business with this 14 day trial. Get access to our feature loaded online SMS platform.