High Performance REST SMS API

Send, receive, retrieve, process, and format
// Send SMS

curl https://api.transmitsms.com/send-sms.json \
  -u [API Key]:[API Secret] \
  -d message='[Insert Message]' \
  -d to=[Phone Number 1],[Phone Number 2],[Phone Number 3]
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What makes our SMS API suite epic?

Fast Deployment

Deploy SMS fast with our quick start API docs. Perfect for developers new to SMS, or for advanced users looking for extensive features.

HTTP Callbacks

Trigger alerts for an SMS delivery or incoming messages with HTTP callbacks. These URLs will be notified immediately after an event occurs.

Delivery Level Reports

Generate delivery level reports with a single send-sms call. Your DLR callback is the default URL we post incoming DLR’s to.

Throttle Limits

We limit the number of SMS API calls which can be made by each account to 2 calls per sec. For heavy users we can increase your throttling speed.

Client Libraries

Our API is fully documented, and has libraries readily available for .NET, C#, PHP, Ruby, and GO.


2,000+ Integration Options

2,000+ Integration Options 2,000+ Integration Options

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