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SMS Alerts & Notifications

Ensure your most important messages get read right away with SMS alerts and notifications. SMS alerts may be one of your most cost-effective communication options for emergencies. They act like push notifications, giving them an extraordinary open rate of 98%, and there is no need to visit a website or download an app to read your message.
SMS Alerts & Notifications

SMS doesn’t require a WiFi or mobile data connection to work. Recipients can receive text alerts worldwide, even in the most remote areas, as long as they have mobile reception.

Cost Efficient Messaging

SMS alerts and notifications are an affordable, reliable way to reach your customers quickly. With our SMS alerts system, messages cost a few cents per send and come with a 100% delivery to carrier rate guarantee. Keep your recipients aware of issues like account security, travel delays, public weather alerts, DFES emergencies, and more.

Phenomenal Read Rate

Mobile phones are almost always within arm’s reach. SMS is a low-pressure method of communication that has a much higher open rate than email. 90% of text messages get read within three minutes after delivery, making them one, if not the best, option for alerts and notifications.

Alert: Flood Warning in effect for [location]. More info: [Link]
There is currently a severe weather warning in Western Australia. Please take appropriate precautions. Further information will be provided when available.

Emergency and DFES Alerts in Australia

In an emergency, your internet may be the first to go. SMS uses the same mobile network as your phone, so you have a much better chance of delivering an emergency text alert than other channels. For DFES alerts, natural disasters, storm warnings, and more, SMS emergency warnings may be your best bet. It’s also an additional communication channel to help ensure the public knows what is at stake.

Text Alerts & Notification Use Cases

Travel Delays
Send flight delays and itinerary alerts to help travelers plan their trips and improve your customer experience.
Your flight from [airport name and city] to [airport name and city] that leaves on [date and time] has been delayed for [time]. Please visit [website] for more information.
Account Security
Warn users of unfamiliar logins or other potential threats. Text alerts can immediately notify the account holder to take immediate action to secure their account if necessary.
Unfamiliar device sign-in detected from [Location] for [Account]. If this is you, please ignore this message. Otherwise, call [Number].
Secure Transactions
When it comes to money or privacy, people take security very seriously. With the immediacy of SMS, you can verify login attempts, account changes, confirm deposits, and more.
[Business]: We have important fraud and security messages for [Full Name] regarding the card ending in 1234. Reply 1 to opt-in and receive messages.
Fraud Alerts
Credit card, money, and identity fraud cases are becoming more and more common. Protect your business and customer accounts by adding SMS two factor verifications into your security process.
Your [Business] Account verification code is: [Generated Code]. Valid for 30mins.
IT Issues
Help keep business operations running smoothly to help prevent loss in revenue. Use text messages to reach your team quickly for emergency issues.
URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: Suspicious database activity detected today at 11:17:15 pm. Please check immediately
Financial Alerts
Keep your customers in the loop by providing SMS alerts for their favourite stocks, currencies, and exchange rates when they hit a set price.
[Business]: Alert Reminder: The AUD/SGD exchange rate is now $1.10.
Events & Entertainment
Whether you host an online webinar or an in-person event, reminding your audience to attend can increase customer engagement and improve your bottom line.
Event reminder! [Business] from Table 15 is giving away a free copy of their [book] at [date and time]! Don’t forget to stop by.
When a taxi picks you up or there’s a delivery on it’s way. SMS arrival alerts can help recipients stay in the loop and be prepared for pick up with vehicle and driver details.
[Driver] is approaching with your order from [restaurant]. Enjoy your meal!
Order, Shipment, and Delivery Notifications
Integrate an automated SMS software with your e-commerce platform to send order, shipment, and delivery SMS notifications. If necessary, include a link to track their order.
[Business]: Hi [First Name], your package has now been shipped. Your tracking # is: [number]. For more info: [Link]
People Management
You can also use SMS to manage your team’s shifts by integrating it into your existing time management system. Use SMS Keywords and 2 Way SMS to automate shift fulfilment.
Shift Opening: We have a shift opening on [Date] at [Time], Reply YES to accept or NO to decline.
Staff Communications
An open line of communication should always be available. Since the roots of text messaging are from casual communications, this takes the intimidation factor away, and gives members a way to contribute and share essential updates without overthinking it.
Hi team! Can someone cover my shift on the 15th at 3pm? I need to take my dog to the vet.
Remote Communications
Text messages are reliable for people on the run, since it doesn’t rely on a data connection. This is perfect for communicating with your outbound sales team, or while trying to contact your on-site construction manager in remote areas.
Alert: There is a delay in the material delivery for your project because of severe road conditions. Construction will be delayed until [time] and [date].

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