SMS for E‑commerce & Retail

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SMS for E‑commerce & Retail

Timing is everything when it comes to making a sale

The fastest way to derail your marketing efforts is by overlooking the importance of when to contact your customers. Repetition without substance can also lead to high opt-out rates. Use our "Perfect Time to Send an SMS" guide to your advantage, and start optimising your E‑commerce or retail campaigns.

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SMS Playbook: E‑commerce / Retail Edition

Packed with SMS templates and information about how to grow your SMS list, this playbook will help your retail or E‑commerce business get started quickly with SMS.

E‑commerce & Retail Resources

If you’re looking for more strategic content on how to apply SMS in the E‑commerce and retail industry, browse through one of the 300+ articles on our blog. We recommend starting with our SMS templates, industry-specific guides, or our annual State of SMS report.

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