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Burst SMS x Tall Emu
SMS Integration

Send SMS at scale with the same automation, ERP planning, and CRM features you already enjoy with Tall Emu. Nurture leads better, quote and bill clients faster, and grow your business smarter with the most visible communication channel available.

Unlock the Power of SMS Automation with Burst SMS, Tall Emu

  • Single Send SMS
  • 2-Way SMS
  • Bulk SMS
  • MMS
  • SMS API Access
  • Delivery Reporting
  • URL Tracking
  • Custom Variables
  • Message Scheduling
  • Send Directly from App

Product Highlights

Zero-Code Integration

Easily integrate SMS into Tall Emu by adding your Burst SMS API Key and Secret into the Burst SMS module from the ‘Connections’ page under Tall Emu’s Admin menu. Your API Key and Secret can be accessed from your existing Burst SMS account or created with our 14-day trial. Once your account is connected, you can start setting up your first message.
Access Documentation

Data Cleansing

Import audience lists into our database and we’ll automatically correct the country name and number to ensure your messages are delivered to the right contacts.


Standard preset personalisation functions include: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Mobile, and Country. You can also trigger the [tracked-link] tag to pull a URL.

Elevate Your Marketing Automation with a Personal Touch

Elevate your mobile marketing strategy by adding our powerful messaging platform to Tall Emu. Nurture your leads with automatic SMS drip campaigns or take advantage of Tall Emu’s smart contact management system to segment your audience for enriched lead engagement.
Refine Campaigns with Full Flexibility

Refine Campaigns with Full Flexibility

Take control of your messaging workflow with flexible campaign steps and personalisable templates across a variety of industries and verticals. SMS activity is pulled back automatically into Tall Emu’s contact records to help you know when to push and close a sale and when to let a prospective one simmer.

Personalise Your Lead Engagement with Custom Filters

Personalise Your Lead Engagement with Custom Filters

Deliver highly personalised messages to your clients at scale with our robust platform and Tall Emu’s smart contact management system. Segment your audiences with custom filters to tailor your engagement according to purchase frequency, contact rate, lead scoring, and more.

Improve CX with Automatic SMS and SMS Keywords

Improve CX with Automatic SMS and SMS Keywords

Capture new leads and retain existing ones with automatic SMS messages and keywords that align with Tall Emu’s contact management system. Automatically send follow-up messages, schedule appointment reminders, and deliver powerful SMS drip campaigns to the right audience at the right time.

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