Recruitment Agents use a Virtual Mobile number

If you’d like to try this 2-way sms feature without committing to a virtual number, please reach out to our team so we can allocate you a number to try.

If you are sure you want to proceed with this option, follow the steps below and start sending today.

  • Navigate to the Numbers section and select Add Number.
  • Select your preferred number from the dropdown.
  • Then select Activate which secures the number you’ve chosen.

Jobadder Configure your account settings

- Copy and save this number, make sure you keep a copy of the number documented.
- You’re now ready to connect your JobAdder account.

  • Log into your Admin JobAdder user and navigate to the Admin sidebar and select Apps and Add-ons.

    Jobadder Configure your account settings

  • Select the SMS add on and navigate to the Burst tab
  • Copy and paste your API details into the appropriate fields. These can be found in the Settings section of your Burst SMS account.
  • In ‘Burst SMS Number’ copy your virtual number into this field. Using International format: (no spaces or symbols in the number) Example: 6141234567
  • Select Save changes

    Jobadder Configure your account settings