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Full Australian Data Sovereignty

Your data does not leave Australia

Australian Data Sovereignty

Data is encrypted at rest, and full end-to-end data sovereignty is available in transit. Data is backed up fully with a 14-day storage cycle.

ISO 27001 Certified

Burst SMS is certified with all 114 ISO 27001 security controls to protect your data. This includes procedures for monitoring threats, encryption, physical access control and more.

Privacy Principles Compliant

Burst SMS is Australian Privacy Principles, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant.

Redundancies & Failover
Hardware redundancies are fully managed by AWS Sydney with real-time server, application, and database redundancy in place.
Comprehensive Data Security
Inbound HTTPs and TLS connections only, with extensive infrastructure, server, and application firewalls. Connections to supplier are all VPN.
Personal Security
Starting from our frontline team members all the way to our founders, our staff are continually trained on the most up-to-date information security protocols and procedures to monitor incidents and threats.

What this means for you, our customer

Your data stays in Australia at all times
Your data is never shared with any third or related party, except for statutory and/or law enforcement requirements
Maintain full and complete ownership of your contact and messaging data at all times
Your data is never used for any other purposes other than the provisioning of services to you
Data is protected at all times with robust 24/7 infrastructure, server, and application monitoring. We have best-of-breed monitoring software and alerting mechanisms in place