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How Web SMS Platforms Save Businesses Valuable Capital

Web SMS platforms are helping business owners everywhere make the most of their marketing budgets. The direct nature of the communications, when coupled with the unique conversational opportunities presented, is changing the way that many organisations see business-to-consumer relations. Read on...

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Web SMS Online with Burst SMS

By now, you've likely heard that Web SMS marketing strategies have become the medium of choice throughout the industry. However, do you really think that all of these companies are sitting on their Blackberry's sending out messages? Of course not, which is why Burst SMS has developed a web SMS online platform that makes the entire process easy to use Expand Our gateway is reliable and our API is perfect for third party developers. Applications and web SMS messages are a sure-fire way to reach target markets and develop leads without cold-calling. The end result is maximising efficiency and increasing the bottom line. Try our free trial! Read more...

Use The SMS Web experience to Your Advantage

Burst SMS can help you to manage all of your SMS web marketing campaigns without hassle or wasting time. From the moment that you download our toolbar technology, you'll be sending, receiving, and creating SMS web campaigns that can help to generate a market buzz Expand This buzz is what helps a company in their expansion goals, increasing revenue and improving their industry standing. And, what's the best part about these services? When using Burst SMS Web platform as yours, it won't use up your entire marketing budget. Try it for free, and see why we're #1! Read more...

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