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Learn how to make your business fly with SMS

There is more to do with SMS than just delivering bulk messages. There are lots of different response mechanisms and delivery strategies that can help your business get the best possible return for its marketing dollar. SMS marketing can not only help you promote your business but can help it communicate more effectively with customers and staff. Here are just a few ideas:

Deliver special offers and coupons

Deliver special offers and sale alerts at the times people are likely to be nearby.

Bulk SMS is a great way to deliver sale alerts to people when they are out and about. Saturdays are popular shopping days and you can expect recipients to be nearby. Send them a special offor or coupon via SMS and get them into the store.

Increase your sales exponentially. People often won’t think about something until its right in front of them. SMS advertising at the right time will put your product or sevice right in front of them.

SMS Coupons

Deliver alerts and reminders

SMS is instant and is great for delivering time sensitive information like reminders.

Reduce your missed appointments and phone bill by sending SMS reminders. You can receive direct confrimations by keyword lowering the amount of secretarial resources required to handle appoinments.

Use computer sms to send out automated reminders on a schedule, run events more successfully and get delegates where they need to be on time.

SMS Reminders

Give people immediate access to important information.

Allow people to text a long code to recieve important information at a specific location.

Giving people information when they need it is a great way to enhance the percieved value of your brand or service. By advertising a keyword and long code you can allow people to request information easily by SMS. Try our example here.

High Performance SMS Gateway

Build your mobile marketing database

A fully opted in mobile marketing database is an extremely powerful tool.

Burst SMS has built in systems to allow you to build your database quickly and cleanly.

  • Publish long code and let people text in.
  • Include our mobile capture in your sign up forms
  • Opt-out users automatically and manually
  • Manage lists automatically with bounce management
SMS Marketing Database

Communicate with your staff directly via SMS on the web.

Workforces are becoming more mobile. Stay in direct contact with them via 2 way SMS.

Use a long code to send and receive messages directly with the Burst SMS web interface. You can also process requests via keyword. For example, SMS ‘pickup’ to get the address for a delivery that has been assigned to the texters number.

High Performance SMS Gateway

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