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SMS Keywords

Keyword campaigns are the most effective opt-in mechanism.

Building and maintaining a list of clients and leads is the most effective way to generate continuous business. SMS keywords are a simple way to allow people to opt-in to your lists as well as a powerful and immediate communication method. Try texting the words on the right to the number shown. A keyword acts like a trigger that when sent to a virtual number can activate different functions like auto responders, forwarders and adding to lists.

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0459 333 444*

*SMS costs your standard messaging rate. By texting in you agree to receive no more than one message per month. Reply STOP at any time to opt-out.

Auto Responder

Setup auto-responders to deliver your campaign. Deliver links to mobile web content such as forms or instructions with more keywords to process surveys or voting.

Reply Limiting

Limit auto-responders for single message delivery. If the recipient texts in again send a different message. Great for coupons or voting applications where only one entry is needed.

Text to Win

Text to win campaigns are a great way to incentivise people to join your mailing list. If you are running a competition with a prize of over a certain value you may require a permit. Check with your local gaming authority.


Keywords can be used to automatically forward to email, applications or to a mobile number. Forwarding is a great way to receive enquiries and get a response straight back to the potential customer.

Adding to Lists

Every person that sends in a text can be added to a marketing list SPAM compliantly. This can be done via virtual numbers or specific keywords for greater granularity.

Using a Disclaimer

A courtesy disclaimer should generally be displayed next to your keyword/number combo. This should contain cost of the text, as well as what they will expect by joining your list. See the example above.