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SMS Companies Facilitating Growth

SMS companies are playing a significant role in the emergence of new faces in any given industry. The marketing reach alone is enough to draw any organisation with growth as a goal to experiment with the versatile advertising medium. By taking online sending technology and applying it to a marketing strategy, companies that are regional can expand at a global level. A solid SMS company provider should be able to open international doors, offer incredible delivery systems, and provide an interface that will make even the most novice of SMS advertisers an expert in no time! Perfecting Campaigns with SMS Coupons Read on...
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SMS Companies: A Tale of two halves.

SMS Companies are not all created equal. When choosing an SMS Company you need to consider a variety of factors Expand Firstly, are they a local company, and do they have a contact phone number in case anything goes wrong and you need to speak to someone? Secondly, ask your potential provider, do they have direct telco connections, or do they have Tier 1 SSL connections? A lot of SMS companies are routing SMS internationally through some pretty dodgy operators. Lastly, does your SMS Company provide you with transparency on delivery, ie Delivery reports? Very important. Read more...

Evaluating an SMS Company

When continuing your evaluation of a choice of SMS Company. Consider the quality of the software Expand Even with some SMS companies having a good connection and deliverability, if the platform is un intuitive and difficult to use, it will be equally if not more frustrating that if the messages are not getting through. At Burst SMS, we take absolute pride in our platform and its usability. Our Creative Director is a hug Apple fan and designs with ease of use always at front of mind. The interface is sleek and professional and above all simple to use. Read more...

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