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Avoid Mobile Contact Attrition by Leveraging SMS Alerts Properly

SMS alerts are a great way to keep your customers informed, but are there specific things that your company is missing? Have you noticed that people are "opting-out" at an increased rate? Consider these inclusions as a way to help fight mobile attrition, while enhancing the SMS experience for customers! Read on...

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SMS Alerts Systems for Emergency Services

Text Message alerts systems have become incredibly popular for schools, hospitals, and even entire towns as the need for rapid response continues in the modern world. Because the technology is so widespread in Australia, SMS alerts are essential to any administrator that wishes to keep parents, students, or a staff informed about upcoming holidays or any emergency details Expand The Burst SMS alerts suite is perfect for sending these messages, as they can all be facilitated through a single PC. Posted signs and email releases will let the local population know about the utility, and within weeks, one can distribute information at the click of a button! Read more...

Affordable Text Message Alerts

Burst SMS has developed an online toolbar that makes the release of SMS alerts incredibly reliable and cost-efficient. Reminding the populace about health topics such as inoculations or letting parents know that school will be letting out two hours early on Friday is simple Expand And, with municipal resources often slim, the fact that an individual using SMS alerts can interact with thousands of residents or students in an instant, there is very little investment required to reap the substantial benefits. Get started with Text Message Alerts today! Read more...

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