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SMS keywords

An SMS keyword campaign is the most effective opt-in mechanism available

Building and maintaining a list of clients and leads is the most effective way to generate continuous business. SMS keywords are a simple way to allow people to opt-in to your lists as well as a powerful and immediate communication method.

SMS keyword marketing campaigns

  • Use SMS keywords to run promotions, voting systems & polls, deliver coupons and more.

  • Forward responses to your email for instant engagement using 2 way SMS.

  • Increase competition entry rates by huge multiples. SMS is the fastest and simplest mechanic available.

SMS keyword marketing campaigns

Auto Responders

  • Setup auto-responders to deliver your campaign. Deliver links or instructions with more keywords.

  • Limit auto-responders for single entry. If the recipient texts in again send a different message.

  • Setup quizzes, polls, surveys, multiple choice. The flexibility of our keywords provides lots of options.

Auto Responders


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