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Bulk Text Messaging: Revisiting the Basics

It never hurts to revisit the basics that help keep your mobile campaign on the right track. In this blog segment, we list some of the key inclusions necessary to provide customers with a great purchasing experience, and ensure that your brand is properly handling its new-found advertising clout! Read on...

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Bulk Text with Burst SMS

Burst SMS has become the leading bulk text organisation in Australia. While many organisations spend quite a bit annually in terms of client acquisition and retention, several have begun to turn their attention to the growing interest in bulk texting Expand Through this medium, a company can inform their existing clients of promotions, industry information, and more. Using our bulk text platform to acquire new clients will prove fruitful. The success rate of bulk text contact far exceeds that of standard mailers, and with such a high percentage of the population using mobile devices, it's obvious why bulk texting makes sense. Read more...

The Reliability of SMS in Bulk

A message that reaches a target audience will always raise awareness, which is why the bulk text arm of the marketing industry is expanding rapidly. Through extensive research and technological development, Burst SMS has become the premiere bulk texting platform in Australia Expand With competitive pricing and superior technology, our organization offers a bevy of options for launching your SMS campaigns. Use our expertise and stellar client services to properly assess your audience and determine the most convenient way to send your messages. Mobile devices are here to stay, so be sure to capitalise! Read more...

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